Separate Worlds

Atlantis and Earth have encountered one another before; the last time so long ago that only legends remain. Now a new portal has opened, connecting them again. A collision is inevitable.

For the crew of the Olive Branch, the mission is a venture into never-before-charted territory. Theirs is a voyage to finally connect with intelligent life in space.

For the Atlanteans, the reopened rift brings the actualization of something thought inconceivable - an alien invasion. The possibilities for bridging the two worlds are virtually endless, but fate has a way of choosing its own outcome. Will harmony result, or will Earth and Atlantis be doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?

Separate Worlds, a novella, and my educational foray into self-publishing, is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Edited by Karin Cox; cover art and design by Todd Bréda.

What readers are saying:

*****  “The story is set up nicely with everything you need to know, great dialogue, great depth, no filling in the blanks.
  - Dustin Hawk

*****  “Mr. Dalar, I highly suggest writing a sequel--I would not be the only one excited to purchase it!
  - Edison Crux

****  “This was a catchy story that makes you think as to whether this has really happened in the past.
  - Ray R.

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